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It seems that this error will display for many different reasons. The reason I received it was that the Port number specified in the DSN differed from that in Enterprise Manager. To check this:

[u]In Enterprise Manager:</u>
Right-click on the appropriate Server Group
Select Properties
On the General tab, click the 'Network Configuration..' button
Select 'TCP/IP' in the 'Enabled protocols:' list box
Click Properties
Take a note of the 'Default port' number. (This number defaults to 1433. If it has been changed, it is likely that this is the source of the problem).

[u]In ODBC Data Source Administrator:</u>
Select the appropriate dsn and click 'configure'
Click 'Next'
Click 'Client Configuration..'
Check that the entry in 'Port number' matches that in Enterprise Manager. If there is no entry, try unchecking 'Dynamically determine port' and enter the port number.

This worked for me but there appear to be many reasons you could get this error.

Good luck.
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