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Dear Richard,

I am just sharing my varied and long experience with you. I can not claim to be an expert in Visual Studio.

1. When it comes to database Management and especially web based applications developed in, I prefer to have a [u]SEPERATE CLASS LIBRARY</u> developed exclusively for data management. These classes provide all the possible data management such as data updation, data retrieval etc.

2. I use store procedures very extensively and do not allow users, direct access to any base tables or crucial views for reasons of security.

3. This approach has given me the flexibility to change from one database vendor to another with minimum of changes, which remain confined only to this data management class library, e.g. if I am using SQL Server 2000 then

and if I have to use any other database then

4. Any modifications in the business logic such as change of a calculation formula etc., are confined to stored procedures only and do not affect my source code. Moreover, I can present the same data in numerous ways, can filer on different keys etc. [u]dynamically</u> threby keeping my front end same while providing necessary result set to front end.

I have found it more convenient [u]NOT TO BIND CONTROLS </u>to the Back end, may it be a complex data grid or drop down lists.

With Regards,

Dilip Nagle