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I have a table that contains screen locations of data. The name of those locations are in the first column of the table. I loop though that table to gather information from a mainframe screen.

Myfieldinformation = SICE04_Data_LocationsTable!SICE04_Name

The value of the variable "Myfieldinformation" changes as it program loops through the table gathering information...

I would like to use the Value that is in the Variable to add data to fields in anther record set using this line of code.

SICE04_Pro_InformationTable!Myfieldinformation = HoldFieldInformation

The program is looking for the field "Myfieldinformation" in the SICEOF_Pro_InformationTable to update the recordset... But I would like for it to use the Value "Myfieldinformation" was assigned when it looped through the first table. I tried putting brackets around it, bracket with quotes...

Thanks for all of your help

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