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Yea sort of....

I add the record set outside of the loop which puts it into a table with 100 fields that need to be updated...

I then loop using another table that lists the field names of all of the fields for the record just added looking at a mainframe screen by row, column and length and collecting the data. I would like to use the code...

  SICE04_Pro_InformationTable!Myfieldinformation = HoldFieldInformation

when I update the record set I just added if there is a way to have the variable value be used in place of the Myfieldinformation in the table write statment.

I can code it with the actual field name

SICE04_Pro_InformationTable!ACTUALFIELDNAME = HoldFieldInformation

But to do that I will have to repeat that line of code about 60 times with each field name in the table that I need to update...


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