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With all the great solutions you've already gotten, I have 1 more.

What I have always done is create a form that is not bound to anything.
Create unbound controls for each field you want the user to see from the recordset.

In the after update event of your combobox, open the recordset, load all the fields on your form from the data, then close the recordset, and set your combobox to enabled = no.

Now your user can manipulate the fields on your form to their hearts content, but no updates, inserts etc., are happening anywhere except on the form.

With a command button for updating the record, use a msgbox to ask them if they are sure they want to update and if yes, reopen the recordset using the same code from the after update event of your combobox, then update the recordset utilizing the values from the form.

The only problem with this solution, is when you are in a multi-user environment where someone else may be updating the same record at the same time.