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quote:Then some other poster says it fix his issue but won't share with us what was his issue that he fixed.

It occured to be that my answer might seem a bit impolite but I solved the display problem in a way that is a little embaressing.

From the previous posts it seemed clear that it was a Web Parts personalization issue. I have a vanilla Beer House project that works as advertised in the VS 2005 folder but exhibited the blank default page when it was migrated to IIS. As per another posting I used the Web Parts Catalog menu that appears when you logon to add the Welcome box. It then worked fine. However my real project which had the same problem exhibited a bunch of other difficulties that made this solution fail.

So I simply removed all the Web Parts code.

I decided I didn't want personalization of the overall site. I want personalization only in a sub-site area where members will have a lot of choices for layout, themes, features etc... However I want the main areas to look the same for everyone.

I also pulled all the newsletter code out because I can't support a newsletter at this time. At such time as I get a volunteer newsletter author and editor, I will put that code back.

There, now I've shared.