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There is another thread which also has this topic. Perhaps it should be a sticky.

As noted above there is the Club Volkswagen site:
Aside from being in Spanish it is a largely vanilla translation - some new grahics and text.

There is as much more highly modified site called Ski Stype at:

This site is very attractive site with excellent colors, layout, and graphics. It hardly looks anything like the original Beer House site. It is in German.

There is the Oklahoma CASA site (abused children) at: is a rather vanilla site in English.

Lastly there is the Web Opera House at:
This is my site. I put it up last night. I won't have a permanent URL until the DNS propogates - perhaps later today. At that time it will be available at:

My site is semi-vanilla. I used most, but not all, of the Beer House functionality. I dropped the theme selector and the newsletters. I also used a different coding style for many of the new pages. I used the Base Page with inheritance model someplaces and in other places I just used simple web pages. I created some new pages using the declarative CRUD code features in .NET 2.0. In other places I wrote stored procedures (SQL 2005) and a new separate DAL section.

I also have a mixure of the ASP.NET GridViews and the telerik RadGrid. Some of these RadGrids use AJAX - some don't

I replaced most of the standard drop down lists with their telerik equivalents (RadComboBox). I may use some of the extra features of the telerik controls later, but for now I only use the better graphical support and AJAX.

I use the telerik editor for my Artist Ad feature. It is a WYSIWYG editor like the FCKEditor but it has more features. Eventually I expect I will swap out the FCKEditor completely.

OK, you think I have made a monster - a Frankenstein sewed together from parts. Marco Bellinaso has an internally consistant architecture in his Beer House and I have a mish-mash. Of course Marco is something of a genius, so I won't fret about my inferior architecture just now.