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Thanks! I know that i can store my users information in a table... but for this my choice is simple!

I can make a loop that retrieves all my users information from my mssql 2000 database and store this information as PropertyValuesString for each user...

I have to do this for all my data. I have a forum with 2500 replies, 2000 private messages, etc etc

After this task done i can delete my mssql 2000 datatable!

My problem is:
I want my site to be like thebeerhouse, because i think this is the best way to do things in 2.

But I want to upgrade the system without asking users to choice new passwords...

In ThePhile i have:

password clean -> 1.1 encrypt -> store this binary field into database.

My Question:
I can have the same encrypton type in 2 that i had in 1.1 ?

If answer is "Yes" I just have to make this encrypton type in 2, and change the database type from "varchar" to "binary"
Then i can pass all the passwords from sql 2000 to sql 2005 express edition!

Am I right?
Are this an efficient way to solve this problem?

Thanks, forgive my bad english!