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Default XL2002/ XP

Hi Guys

I recently published a post about a problem I have with a number of applications which I originally developed under NT/Excel97 and have migrated to XP/XL2002.
The spreadsheet applications were completely standalone - no external links, but made a lot of use of embedded combo boxes. The applications are robust and sound in the NT/97 world and also run totally robustly on Win2K/XL2000. The problem is on some, but not all of our XP/XL2002 boxes.

Since I migrated the applications we have never been able to get them stable - across our organisation we have some 4000 PCs, ostensibly all identical builds. The applications does not crash on all of the PCs but consistently crashes on some PCs, and intermittently crashes on other PCs. The crashes are consistent - ie the point of crash and the types of crash: essentially the applications stops working with an irrecoverable error: quite often on opening there is a runtime error, "cannot create object cmbCountry", "object not found" - refering to one of the combo's. "object does not exist" refering to a worksheet page, a piece of code runs and the application is returned to the user's control with half of the screen coloured grey (like the project menu side in the vba editor/or the tree view side in Outlook).

One way I can guarantee to make the application crash is if I compile the code before saving the application. When I compile the code and save, the file size is some 25% bigger than if I just simply save the file.

I am 99.99% certain that I am not using any reserved words within my code, everything is fully declared and I have looked at every obvious thing I can. This is a major, major problem which has slowly driven me demented. We have been trying to fix this for well over three months now.

The one thing I can point to is this problem appears to start when the code is compiled. [When a spreadsheet opens the code is compiled anyhow - so what is the difference?]. If the spreadsheet opens and runs, shortly after opening it is saved (via code) to a user directory with a completely new name - the size of the file does not increment, in the same was as if the vba code was compiled prior to saving.

Has anyone please got any clues as to what could be going on - or where I look next - or what tools might be available to thoroughly tear my code/spreadsheet apart and look for the offending item?

Thanks in anticipation of any contributions - and thank you to those of you who answered my original post.


Mike Tyrer

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