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Thank you very much for your reply. Your answer worked very well. I only have another problem which i was trying to avoid from the begining but even with your method that i have followed it seems to be so far the result i want get to is not yet solved.

when i used SQL sever standard edition i have made my own tables in exactly the same database that have the membership. it is fine now all that database i have migrated to my sql server express edition. However, when i run the website and i like to log in with my user name and password, i recieve an error page saying that the projects creates automatically another database with the memebership. As a result when i debug and trace the problem i found there are two databases in my project. One that i have migrated and the other created automaticall by sql server express edition when i use the membership log in tool.

I was trying to copy my tables to the new database that have the membership but i couldn't. Also i don't understand why the system does not accept the membership database that is already in place.

Can you please hepl me?

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