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Hi greep,

i think u can display the data in two columns like this below. I have showed with three columns i hope this will help u.

mysql_connect(DB_SERVER,DB_USER,DB_PASSWORD) or die(mysql_error()); //connecting to mysql
mysql_select_db(DATABASE) or die(mysql_error()); //connecting to mysql database

$result1=mysql_query("SELECT name,email,comments FROM ".DATABASE_TABLE." ORDER BY id DESC") or die(mysql_error());

echo "GUEST BOOK";
echo "<table bgcolor=\"#CCCCCC\" border=\"1\" align=\"center\">";
echo "<tr><th>NAME</th><th>EMAIL</th><th>COMMENTS</th></tr>";
            echo "<tr><td>";
            echo $row['name'];
            echo "</td><td>";
            echo $row['email'];
            echo "</td><td>";
            echo $row['comments'];
            echo "</td></tr>";
        echo "</table>";
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