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I seem to have found the source of my own problem. Thought I'd post it on here in case anyone else gets frustrated by the same thing.

The problem was that I was using different character sets for the dll project and the Sketcher project. The character set option seems to have a powerful effect on what the linker links to in the project. Looking at the bottom of the 'stdafx.h' file shows that when _UNICODE is defined, the linker links to a different control set. I don't know whether a control set is a different set of MFC or not, but it does seem to change the appearance of the Sketcher program quite substantially. It makes it look much more like XP.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to make sure that in the project properties boxes for both the dll and the program the same character set is selected, whether this is multi-byte or unicode. Just make sure you use the same one for both - that's where I fell down.

I hope this helps someone.