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Thank you for the immediate answer.
I am aware that you can change the position of the login box in the default.css to for instance to absolute.
However ther are so many other style glitsches, which mediocrity differ sharply from the intelligent code.
You must therefore have redesigned the style quite a bit, because your site seems to be perfect.
I think the autor should give us at least a help here.

The probleme is moreover that you have to change the style at many decentral places. In so far it is disappointing

Anyway thank you


quote:Originally posted by cyjambo
 Hi there,

I can't actually remember, but I think it was something to do with the position of the loginbox Div tag (you have to set it to absolute, or relative, and see what happens...).

You can change this in the Default.css in the App_Themes.

Hope this helps... :)

quote:Originally posted by wiegel
quote:Originally posted by cyjambo
 here is mine :)

Check it out!

Nice work Marco by the way!

"How much for the Ape?"
How did you take care that the loginview doesn't change position, while changging the Bowserwindow size?
Thanks for tip

"How much for the Ape?"