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Thanks for moving your post ^^.

There are 2 secnarios here:

First: You have a layout that is comprised of frames and you want to redirect x frame to a different page based upon something that is happening in the current frame. Lets just assume that you have a layout that consists of 3 frame rows that have the names first, second, and third. Now the user preforms some action in frame 'second' that requires the page in frame 'first' to be changed you would write this script back to the browser:

Dim sJavaScript
sJavaScript = "<script language=javascript>"
sJavaScript = sJavaScript & "parent.frames['first'].location.href='page.asp';"
sJavaScript = sJavaScript & "</scr" & "ipt>"


Second secnario: You have a page layout comprised of a frameset and you need the page to redirect away from your frameset layout to just one page you would use:



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