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Ok I couldnt find a function for the second time I would use onClick.
So I made a new function with a Boolean:

function clickImg(img)
        var geklikt = false

        if(geklikt == false)
        geklikt = true

        geklikt = false

The problem is that he excecutes the whole code. So he makes the picture large and small again so quick you dont even see it ( you can see it when I use the alert ).

So I thought I should use a break at the point where the alert is now. But that doesnt work.

Can it be that " var geklikt = false " means that the var gets false everytime the function starts ?

I guess you know what i'm trying to create but i'm really new into this and I cant get it working so if you know a solution please help.

Thnx for reading again :)