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It's hard for me to respond to you. I don't want to minimize the value in TBH, but I also have to point out that there are other options, also.

I've just recently had a similar conversation with someone about forums in particular. If you're very serious, and I can see from your site that you are, you should at least consider the Community Server project. That has the best forums of any ASP.NET solution going now, and it can be used for free if you mention their name at the bottom of the pages.

You can also check out YetAnotherForum software. This is much simpler than the Community Server, but still pretty cool.

The TBH forums are basic and they illustrate a lot of good points. I stop short of calling them full-featured, however. Is is worth your time to add dozens of new features, or is it better to start with a more complete forum solution? That's your call.

The Articles are indeed a form of blog. The main disadvantages in a blog that allows responses are that it's a pain to stop the spam robots, and you have to filter inappropriate comments. I prefer making people log in before they reply because that fixes most of the problems with an open blog system.

But the Articles module is probably intended more for publishing than for blogging, so there again it's not a good fit. The Community Server also has a good blog module worth considering.