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Thanks Eric. In fact I had implemented a Community Server forum site a couple months ago. As you know the Community Server software evolved from the ASP Forums that was open source a few years ago. At that time I integrated a forum based on that code into a larger site I was developing. A lot of that site was based on the IBuySpy architecture.

The advantage of writing your own forum is you get a single security/login subsystem. The Community Server forum site I made required a separate login, identity, and password. I know that Community Server sells a module for $600 that integrates logins. Maybe that's the way to go for heavy duty forum sites.

I was intially attracted to The Beer House because it seemed like a very flexible code base with a lot of modules that would allow me to make up a wide variety of sites including "think tank" sites. I am interested in The Beer House as a model for portal web sites on abitrary subjects.

Most of the logic in most forum products resides in the set of stored procedures that inserts counts and totals into thread or forum tables with each post. Therefore it seems easy to enhance a basic forum like that in TBH to something like the behavior of an advanced forum product like Community Server. That's what I'm doing. I'm using my five year old open source ASP Forum based PROCs and database design not the current Community Server design although they are remarkably similar.

I will document these enhancements. I only ask that no one ridicule my somewhat primitive coding style - I'm not Marco.