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hi all,

i've created a couple of very basic stored procedures that allow for quite a flexible Articles and Posts search facility. it doesn't use full text search (some hosts don't provide this) but is none the less pretty quick. i've posted the .sql files up onto one of my sites and perhaps someone can have a crack at creating the visual interfaces to display the results. I've also amended the tbh_Forums_GetForums sp to return the number of Topics, Posts and lastposter etc, etc. From this, i've modified the visual interface and quite a few parts of the ForumDetails.cs so that i now display the forum listing similarly to the forum layout here at wrox. altho i'm not 100% finished with the listing view that i've created, i've put up a zip file of the changed code for all to access.


and here's an image of how i've now got my forums listing:

and here's the amended files to get you to that point