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You can use "DataRelation" object to create relationship between parent table and child table...of course you hafta fill DataSet with tables with DataAdapter object.
for example:Parent table:Order[primary key:"OrderID"] Child table:OrderDetail[foreign key:"OrderID"]
you can create bond between them like this: DataRelation orderRel=thisDataSet.Relations.Add("orderbond",thi sDataSet.Tables["Order"].Colums["OrderID"],thisDataSet.Tables["OrderDetail"].Colums["OrderID"]);
then use "foreach" statement..."OrderID" in Parent Table will be automatically passes to Child Table:
 for each(DataRow orderRow in thisDataSet.Tables["Order"].Rows)
   ....//parent table processing
    foreach(DataRow orderDetailRow in orderRow.GetChildRows(orderRel) )
    .....//Child table processing
sometimes .GetParentRows can also come into handy.
Hope this can help.

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