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quote:Originally posted by plb
 I am continuing to rework the stock forum cosmetically. Today I revised the ShowThreads page. I reworked the Literal that shows the Forum Threads so that it mirrors the style of the site Bread Crumbs. I also changed the layout of the identity block to make it smaller and more compact.

I have made up a set of custom buttons for posting, locking, and quoting but these are a little hard to just substitute. It takes some coding to make image button equivalents.

Its starting to look like a real forum. A couple more days of formatting and then I will add some new functions. Then I think I can use this nice little forum in the new site I'm going to try to build next week.

hi pat,

i've now completed my Priority functionality and tested it out thoughroughly. all works great and now my stickies/announcemnts are working great. i'll include it in an updated zip with everything i've done to date. should make for a nice leap in useability and funtionality.

once i'm out of this little loop and before leaving forum/posts for a bit, i'm going to create a couple of little webparts to display most active poster etc, etc... bascially, dashboard info to give a quick overview on the user's'homepage'