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quote:Originally posted by gargamel

I retyped the code again, and NO ERRORS!!

It worked. Strange! I went through the code and was not able to find anything different from the previous code (code above)

so i'll get you a launch if you can figure this one :)


Hey gargame1 Whats up!! haha Actually you beat me to it. I was debugging your code but you replied before I got back.. Anyways you had 2 errors in your code... I will show you them...

//connect to the database
$link = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "12345")
    or die(mysl_error());

You had a typo it should be or die(mysql_error()); you forgot the "q"

function get_director() {
    global $movie_director;
    global $director;

This is your second error, Your variable is $guery_d instead of

$guery_d = "SELECT people_fullname " .
       "FROM people " .
       "WHERE people_id='$movie_director'";

$results_d = mysql_query($query_d)
    or die(mysql_error());
$row_d = mysql_fetch_array($results_d);
$director = $people_fullname;

Sorry I was a bit late... But I hope this help finds your errors. Take care and don't worry about it... Keep Coding.