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Default Importing from Excel


I'm having issues accessing Excel programmatically. Really this issue isn't because I'm using ADO.NET to access it; I've had it occur when importing into SQL Server, or other data sources. Basically what is happening is it is telling me that one of the cells in the data (in the same field usually) is well beyond the 8000 characters that is supported. The maximum amount of data is 1000, which leads me to believe that there is some kind of junk data one of the fields. Because I am writing a process that is dealing with A LOT of Excel files, I can't be worried about removing the entire field and importing it later; I need to kind of "head this off" now. Is there any way that I can remove these? The problem is, I can't import to a DataSet, so I may need to use the Excel API or some other solution.

Any idea?