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you naughty boy, ignoring the DAL :). I went down to the levels that marco did purely as an excercise to 'learn' (i come from a vb6/php/c background and had had very little experience until 4-5 weeks ago). i do agree that it involves a lot more typing (i might even create an addin to automate new classes once i've figured it all out, to save all the repetition [of sorts] across the various layers), however, i think the advantage being that as you scale up, then you have a logical heirarchy to follow that is consistant throughout.

of course, once i've been doing this malarkie for a few more months, i might be tempted to take the shortest/quickest path to achieve the end result.

i do feel that you may be missing out on an opportunity with the above approach insofar as the BizObject caching. i might be wrong in my assumption, but if you're linking the sql directly to your SqlDataSource, then you'll be querying the database with every hit on the page. using the full abstraction across the layers gives you the benefit of all the cacheing and reduced database activity. just something you should be aware of if you're going to be generating volume users. i feel that it's crucial to keep that kind of info in ones mind with every enhancement, especially ones that step outside the model.

i hope this doesn't come across as preachie in any way, i'm really just trying to explain the reasons why i'll probably continue with the longhanded approach with any enhancements that i undertake - of course, i might never deliver doing it that way :D

all the best for now - looking fwd to seeing your finished version soon