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OK then. So your concept was a valid one. Just as creating it seemed to not fit any use, coming across it in the Registry would have had no meaning.

If it were me though, I would look for a program-specific way to make it unreadable.
You could:

Start at each end and take the 1st, last, 2nd, 2nd to last, 3rd characters and join them into a new string, and store that. So "Hello There" would become "HehrlelhoT "

You could set up a pure substitution. H = 3, e = z, l = b, r = g, T = u, o = x, Spc() = p, h = t
"Hello There" would become "3zbbxputzgz"

You could use an XOR cipher with a long key contained within the .exe. If the key is long enough there is no repeating at the beginning of the key, so pattern matching is 100% impossible.

You could store the actual data in a secure file, and just put data in the Registry that allows you to find the datum in the secure file.