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yes, use the code as you please. i really got stuck into that part (forums)
 to get a mixture of familiarity and experience with tbh. i'll probably make further tweaks along the way and if they're of a nature that can be easily separated, then will post those as and when i can.

re the search funtionality - that was actually quite simple (tho' a bit convoluted) in the end. i'll have a look at what i did and detail the steps. i could of course attempt to post it here as a 2nd phase of post/forum extension. i'll have a think as i'm actually now working 'for real' on the site that i'm building, so a lot of other core logic is now involved and it's not so easy to rip out as it was last week (may have a backup from end of last week when search was implemented on vanila tbh).