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Glad you liked the improvements. I agree with the 'useage' of the tbh forum. i.e. if in use on a site where the forum is a component addition but not the main driver of the site, then this is the way to go. only other modification that i'd like to make (but may not have to do) would be to add a forums 'grouping' page that allowed forums to be grouped by category/interest. as i said, for another time.

i have indeed more or less finalised my search routines against the forum (and will create a similar metaphor against articles at some point soo). however, i'm not sure if i'll be able to extract them in isolation of the other changes to the forum that was made, so any update to the forum zip would be inclusive of everything else that's been done to date, together with the search stuff. of course, it wouldn't be too difficult to get a fresh install and just put the seacrch functions against that (removing any references to the new Priority filed in posts). i'd obviously like to see how others have done this too mind you as my method (which is full-text search) is not the optimum solution. however, it's coded as such to allow for full-text index searching should the database permit it.

anyway - looking fwd to seeing further enhancements on top of mine in due course.