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Default ASP Calendar control and popups

I am trying to create a rather simple user control using <asp:Calendar></asp:Calendar> which will be used as a popup calendar for let’s say date picker control.
In other words I have a form which contains a textbox that will hold a date which may be selected from the popup calendar that I am trying to create.

The popup is a modal dialog window (window.showModalDialog) so I can make sure that the user either selects a date or simply cancels the operation. The problem is once the user selects a date a new window pops up with an error that the web page could not be found, this problem does not reproduce when using a regular modeless window ( Does anybody have an idea why this is happening and how can I workaround this problem? Or are there other ways to make the <asp:Calendar> control popup automatically rather than being embedded in the page?

Thanks guys