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I've a similar problem. I've public field in usercontrol, i set it on aspx through databind. I use this control inside/outside datagrid, the only place when user control does not display any value is when I re-bind the grid on some button event of aspx. I tried to analyze the problem and found that Public field value is set at end whereas Oninit, onload are fired by then.

I can post complete help files, please help me resolving it. I'm getting mad

 public string ProjectCode
        set { this.projectCode = value; }
        get { return this.projectCode; }
protected override void OnLoad(EventArgs e)
txtProjectCode.Text = projectCode;


<asp:datagrid ..>
             <HCL:ProjectDetail id="ProjectDetail3" runat="server"

a.aspx.csprivate void bindgrid()
        ArrayList AR = new ArrayList();
        DG.DataSource = AR;

    protected void re_bind_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)