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Thanks a million for the basic code. This is the easy to understand item I've been looking everywhere for.

If you have some time, maybe you can answer a few more questions for me:

1. If my background thread needs to pass back say ten or twelve values, should I expect the processing time to get really bogged down?

2. Do I need to have a separate 'begininvoke' statement for each control that I need to update on the UI or is there a more wholistic approach?

3. When do I need to start worrying about synchroniztion and 'synclock'?

4. In the background thread, can you refer directly to values associated with a control, or do you have to pass these values to the thread? Put more simply - while we know you can't write from the background thread, can you at least read values in from the main thread? If not, how do you pass the values?

I apologize if I'm loading you up with questions, but to this point you've been my best resource. Thanks again for your help.