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Oh cool thanks that'll make it easier. I'm still not clear on how to load it into the program though? Is it the same as .bmp's because it crashes when I do that. Also, if I put the .gif and a .wav in an object will the resource be removed at the end of the .gif or do I need to remove it myself at that point?

And I have another question on top of this one now, sorry I just started learning C#. Say I have an object, and a random point on the screen, and I want the object to rotate to face it. I can get it to rotate and face it no problem, but, I don't know how to let it know which way to turn. If its current angle is 0 degrees the point it needs to face is at 30 degrees(which will be randomly changing) how do I let it know to turn counterclockwise in that instance and not clockwise, and vise versa when the point changes its location.