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Thanks!:D It took me a bit to get it working. Some bits I figured out on my own and some I got from various articles on various websites... including yours. All things considered it was a fun learning experience!

I'm in the process of debating trying to tweak this so it will let me create a new folder within a folder I would have set up to house the individual gallery folders with the gallery folder name being specified by the user for each gallery they want to create and upload all the images for that gallery there.

I've been looking around for some ideas on just how to do this and so far I know I will need System.IO and System.IO.Directory to create the new folder specified by the user.

I'm also pretty sure that the folder it will put all the gallery folders / images in will need write permissions but I'm not quite clear on who gets those permissions yet. If it is IUSR or the ASP.NET Process or what. Once I figure that out I'll decide whether or not to go forward with my idea for the sub folders.

All I need now is a way to do something like the preview button here and I'll have just about all I need to start trying to build my first ASP.NET website! Got any ideas where I can find some information on how to do that?