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I've given up trying to fix it - I suspect only Microsoft can fix this and I suspect fixing Classic ASP bugs is not high on their to-do list!

All I've managed to do is work around it. I do a simple calculation at the top of my page that I know will generate a floating point result, for example:
On Error Resume Next
Dim TestVar
TestVar = 100
TestVar = (20 - 3 * 2 / 3) + 100 mod 7

If Err.Number <> 0 Then.......

If no error then cool - it's working today!

If Windows 2003 is having a strop and error thrown I simply do a Response.Redirect to the identical page but running under a different IIS website and application pool. As far as my users are concerned everything is ok.

I often find the problem then solves itself - if not a restart of the original application pool clears it.

It's a real pain and if anyone ever does find a solution please let us know!