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Sorry, I could not get back due to another issue. Well, the idea is as follows: I am synchronizing the all records of table named (dbTables) from one database (on sql09 machine) to another (on dkpc166). dbTables from source database have UNIQUE constraint and having 700 records in place (out of them 3 records are repreated inspite of UNIQUE contraint is there, it is situation today, may be contraint was created without existing data checking). Now when I try to copy all the records from source database dbTables to destination database dbTables, unique key violation error occurs. I qouted above exaple as one of the case if there is a voilation of contraint into the remote database server, then this behavior is raised and could not find way to get the error into @@Error.
Yes, transaction is an other issue into it. I could not use Transaction or distributed transaction into this type of query so far even if DTC is running on all of the parties. It raise the error in SQLOLEDB provider.

Regards and thanks Vijay :)