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quote:Originally posted by vantoko
 Hi Jimi,

can you add in your readme that you should update the posts table in the priority list (set it to 0 ? (if not you get a cast error).
I also saw on your site that you added categories to the forum. did you put that code online?



i'll update the readme.txt file as you suggest.

the categories stuff on my site is actually related to some enhanced functionality that i'm doing for a site (which will be called the gifted geezer) - i'm afraid that that code to integrate categories into the forums is quite a departure from what had been done on the previous simple cut that i put into the archive. i'm not sure how easy it'd be to extract the logic at this point (i'm actually actively working on the site now). i'll take a look but of the top of my head feel that it may be something that would divert me from the task that i've got to complete (plan to go live 4th june).

as they say, never say never!!