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quote:Originally posted by vantoko
 no problem. good luck with the gifted geezer :)

yes, it'll be interesting. a site comprised of mega-ego individuals all vying for some sort of etherial #1 position... yep, room for a bit of manipulation for fun there methinks!! :)

oh, btw - i found an issue on your site when clicking on the dropdown on this page:

basically, the initial click on the dropdown errors out - trying to think if it's a double postback going on, not sure. anyway, just thought i'd mention in case you hadn't seen it. likewise, i'd appreciate any debug/error reports on the site at (my testbed site for new stuff) in the coming weeks. i'll announce when it's in beta (at that stage, there won't be any testing of styling etc, just the functionality).


btw - i did attempt to switch to your search routines last week (they are devlishly simple but effective and tight). however, even tho' i switched full text search on, i kept getting darned issues. i'll let you know when it's resolved. but needless to say, i think your search pattern is far supperior to mine, which focusses on each componenet part (posts/articles/homepages/have your says). i like the idea of a generic search page that returns urls to disparate functions and will emulate it once i've got the full text b*llocks working correctly.

anyway - must get on