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Default Totals vs Crosstab Query

The author states in the 2nd sentence in the 1st paragraph on page 132 under Crosstab Queries:

"A totals query can give you a total for all the sales made by all salespersons, but if you want to see separate sales totals for each salesperson, you need a crosstab query."

If you create a totals query based on a table containing the following fields: OrderID, SalesPerson and Sales using the following fields in the totals query: SalesPerson (GroupBy) and Sales (Sum), the separate totals will be generated for each salesperson as a result of the Group By on the SalesPerson fields. This can be done with a totals query. You don't need a crosstab query to generate separate sales totals. Where am I going wrong here?

Terry Waltz
Terry Waltz