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Default Image upload

I want to allow the users of my application to
upload image files using the "<INPUT type="file"> tag...

however i want to restrict the size(both pixel size and file size)
of the images being uploaded using javascript..

I am able to do so in IE with the following code..
<script language="JavaScript">
function checkSize()

    im = new Image();
    im.src = document.Upload.submitfile.value;

   <form name="Upload" action="MyUploadServlet"
  enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">

     <p>Filename: <INPUT type="file" name="submitfile" >
     <INPUT type="button" value="Send" onClick="checkSize()">


The above code works perfectly in IE6 but not in Mozilla v 1.7.1.

Could anybody please tell me the script for doin wat i want in