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was wondering, would it be better if i put the time allocations into the day and then assign each module to a specific starting time like so....

<week weekNumber="124">
  <day dayOfWeek="Monday">
    <timeOfDay start="8" time="12:30 AM"/>
    <timeOfDay start="9" time="1:00 PM">
      <allocated allocationRef="bis83488"/>
    <timeOfDay start="10" time="1:30 PM"/>

it makes sense right if i was making a tree diagram that a week has days, and days has times??

next question:D.....

should i assign attributes that act like boolean values to the times that have module allocations ie

<week weekNumber="124">
 <day dayOfWeek="Monday">
  <timeOfDay st="1" time="12:00 PM"
  <timeOfDay st="2" time="12:30 PM"/>
  <timeOfDay st="3" time="1:00 PM">
   <allocated allocationRef="bis83488" starts="True" ends="False"/>
  <timeOfDay start="4" time="1:30 PM"/>
  <timeOfDay start="5" time="2:00 PM"/>
  <timeOfDay start="6" time="2:30 PM">
   <allocated allocationRef="bis83488" starts="False" ends="True"/>
  <timeOfDay start="7" time="3:00 PM"/>
  <timeOfDay start="8" time="3:30 PM">
   <allocated allocationRef="bis83480" starts="True" ends="False"/>
  <timeOfDay start="9" time="4:00 PM"/>
  <timeOfDay start="10" time="4:30 PM"/>
   <allocated allocationRef="bis83480" starts="False" ends="True"/>

and then find some way to say that:

for-each time-slot
 for-each day-of-the-week
  if there's a session starting at this time/day where starts is True
   <td rowspan="length of session">
    apply-templates select="session"
   else <td/>

hope that made sense!!!:)


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