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Thanks for reply. I'm a bit surprised by how many exercise download issues aren't accurately described in the text of the book. There's no 'main.htm' file in the chapter 6 stuff either (which is described at length in the text), and no mention whatsoever is made of the 'beginner' or 'complete' subfolders. With all due respect, I wish the author had checked his work before shipping this off to Barnes and Noble. Looks more like a first draft than a finished book. I've spent more time today trying to sort through inconsistencies in download data and descriptions thereof in book, and getting procedures to work that are described insufficiently than I have programming web pages...which is exactly what i hoped to avoid by buying this book. Very frustrating. For example, to select imported, non-formatted text and turn into paragraphs, I select the first block, and click paragraph from the toolbar. That works. Then I go to next block and try same thing...nothing. it doesn't says to put cursor 'after next element' (what's that mean?) and click toolbar->paragraph again, but that doesn't work. Turns out the end paragraph marker is winding up at the very end. I have to delete that and go back and place in right place. It's almost easier to just type in the frickin HTML code. Not sure if that's a software issue or something not described correctly in the book, or both, but I've worked about 7 hours and I'm basically nowhere.

I'm going to see if B&N will let me return the book for store credit so I can just by the Microsoft manual that goes with the product...that is, if I buy the product...jury's still out on that one. I need to read some reviews first.