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Indeed, and thanks a lot for your quick help.
The problem is, Ajax IS installed correctly (I use latest CTF) and all other Solutions with AJAX work fine.
Even stranger, the original web site I'm migrating from uses AJAX and it's working fine too. I just simply made a new project in that SAME solution copied the files from the web site project to the web application project. Then I rightclicked on the new made project and clicked on "Convert to WebApplication" (that makes the second file for the forms). Then I added the needed references to the project and compiled. Then I Saw you could not use those classes in the App_Code (with the convertion it turns into a simpel folder called "Old_App_Code" automaticly) So I made a new Class Library Project and copied the files from the Old_App_Code to the new project. And the problem occurs in that new Class Library Project I called "WebUtilities". That's where he cannot find the UpdatePanel (I assume because it's a Class Library Project and not a WebSite or a Web Application project).
Knowing that AJAX is installed an works great in an other project in same solution, what could possibly be the problem with that Class Library Project "WebUtilities" ?