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Default Constantly losing PHP session variable?

Hi there,

I'm pretty new to PHP, but had a friend help me with fixing up my basic code. I've got a website which has a login feature, and we've FINALLY got the login and logout working, using the session variable and calling to a database of members. The home page is called "index.php", and when a user logs in, the only information that changes is the welcome message up the top, but they're still on the same page.

The problem occurs AFTER you log in. If you do any of the following, the website destroys the session variable and returns you to 'Guest' status:

1. Refresh the page (index.php) - by manually clicking in the address bar and hitting Enter again.
2. Click on any link that has a href value of "index.php" (e.g. the 'Home' link on the navigation bar, or the store logo in the corner of the page).

We've used the following two lines of code to DELIBERATELY erase the session:

$_SESSION = array();

... in ONLY two places. Firstly, what I'll call the logout clause (where the user has logged in and then clicks the logout button). Secondly, before the user logs in again - it's set to wipe the session to ensure that they're starting from scratch, then resets all session variables.

We've echoed different error messages all over the place to determine how it's destroying the session, and it's not going to EITHER of those places mentioned above.

Is this - the spontaneous destruction of a session upon renavigating to a page that has a login script in it, after logging in - a peculiarity with PHP, or is there something wrong with our code? (I'd put it in here, but there's a whole lot of unnecessary HTML stuff that'd take too long to remove.)

On the technical side, I'm using the following:

- Apache 2.0.52
- MySQL 4.0.21
- PHP 4.3.9

Would really appreciate feedback ASAP, this project is due next week. 0_o;;



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