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If you did the same what I told you then do the following.
1. in the Category header of report place 2 unbound textboxes (let us say Text0 & Text1) then place this =Sum(IIf([Category]="Meat",1,0)) in text0 as datasource. ok?

2. Now, place this =IIf([Text0]>0,"Number of Meat dishes :" & [text0],"") into text1 text box

3. Run the report and it would give you desired result.

4. This process was only for "Meat" so you would need to do the same for other catergories.

5. Set conditional formatting on Text0 (If field value is "Eqaual to" 0 then make both text and background White ..I hope you know this how to do it)

6. To appear all them in one line, place all your 3 categories (text0 and other) ONE-UPON-ONE so once there is 0 value it would be disappeard.

Hope this would meet your requirement. If not, I will send you db I created for you as sample.

Good luck.

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