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Unhappyly the TBH is a code written by an author only worried in sell the book and little worried in becoming of the TBH an extensible application and opensource. (I'm not saying that is bad book! It is a great book and great application)

99% of users who use TBH code are not worried in improve the code :(

Excluding “jimibt” and other people(few), the users of this code are only interested in “install and use”.

I am sad for not having more people worried in “install and upgrade... improve...”

Excuse me if I was very hard in my commentary.
But i think this is the first reason for the difference between asp and php.
ASP is part of a Microsoft package (paid)
PHP is part of an shirt's lovers that work together to improve code!
I was surprised when I tried to get information on “treeview design upgrade” and I only found sites that sell this information!
There are many sites with good information like 4guysfromr*lla etc...
but still they are few in my opinion

To turn TBH in a huge community is necessary to change people's head about ASP!

I believe that the Asp.Net 2 StarterKits had been financed by the Microsoft(to encourage people), and with this I say everything.