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Yes Maxx,

It's a real shame that TBH isn't more widely customised/adopted. after looking at quite a few competing 'products' (for want of a better word) at the beginning of this year, i found THB. I actually did things the other way around and started working on my customisations before reading the book (ooops) and have only dipped in/out where neccesary. THis may be the defining reason for the approach that people take to this framework i.e. follow it as part of the book (perhaps 90%) or find it, work on it, then read the book (the rest).

what i like about TBH (especially now that i use the Flixon Site Generator) is the fact that you can 'predicatably' go into code in any place and find it working exactly in the same way. As long as you keep complex classes and collections simple (i.e. the resulting structure might be quite complex but the base classes are simple instances), then issues arising are very straightfwd to analyse and fix.

I guess there are areas where improvements can be made to the base structure and as i go along, i incorporate any such improvements across the site. I'm kinda at the stage where i could 'generate' and customise a brand new 'simple' site (without using the base TBH download) in the course of 2-3 days. This isn't boastful talk, just a summary of how great the base structure of TBH is (in my opinion) and how well the site generator does the 'base' donkey work.

so in essence, i think TBH is a grossly overlooked development vehicle. The reason for this could well be timing - everyone else wants to be doing Ajax at the moment. I guess those folk want the fix of it all being in there to start with. I prefer to build in the Ajax functionality that i need when required. In fact, i'd challenge most folks to 'recognise' any Ajax functionality in any of my sites as i prefer not to use too much veneer, preferring to use Ajax for update panels etc... rather than highly visual distraction (effect). however, i'd definately say that where i do use Ajax, the benefits are great.

So in a nutshell, TBH = great framework with a small but ardent following. If the 'fanbase' were greater, then i'm sure we'd start to see much greater customisation occurring. For my purposes, i can usually get to the bottom of any required customisations quite quickly. Now, i just need to find a way to 'automate' those customisations :D