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Have you guys looked at Community Server? That's also well documented, written in C#, and has a Wrox book written on it. But it requires a license if you want to use it without the little ad at the bottom of the page. This is high-powered software that is quite complex, so it's a little difficult to tear into it in order to make changes.

There's also Rainbow, which was originally intended to be similar to DotNetNuke (DNN), based on IBuySpy, but it's written in C#. Although it's nice, it's not as good as DNN.

I'd consider the "Yet Another Forum" module also. That's simple and easy to work with:

I'm not trying to steer people away from TBH, but I want you to be aware of some other options and I think it's best to consider other ways of doing things before you decide on your own core architecture.