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Hi All,

OK, Here's what I have so far. The problem I had was getting the Selected DataSet Position in the GridView. I have been able to get the code working by using a DataView (with a DataSource of the same DataSet as the Form) for the DataGrid DataSource. I then pulled the position from the DataGrid by searching for the ID in the DataView. I then siply set the Form's BindingContext to the same position.

Here's my current code:
// Get the currently Selected ID from the DataGrid.
const int ID_COL_IDX = 0;
int rowIdx = dataGrid.CurrentRowIndex;                
long SelID = (long)dataGrid[rowIdx, ID_COL_IDX];

// Find the ID in the DataView and Set the Form DataSet Position
int dvPos = dataView1.Find(SelID);
this.BindingContext[dsRegister, "Student"].Position = dvPos;
If anyone has any other solutions then I'd love to hear them!


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