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quote:Originally posted by Maxxim
quote:Originally posted by jimibt

Finally, the latest version of this forums/posts thing. this release includes both the new layout for the Forum listing as per previous messages, toghether with the much vaunted Priority flag for top level posts (can only be applied by admin/editors of course!!).

ok, grab yourself the code here:
Jimi, I saw that you have foruns and subforuns, right?
But who do you manage them into your admin pages?

I entered on your site with sampleeditor account but I only see, for example, 5 or 7 "GENERAL FORUMS" etc...

at the moment, i don't!!. i plan to do the admin stuff at the end (a bad plan perhaps, but at present, i use sql scripts to manage some of the more esoteric stuff) of this project, so i'll update you on that in 6-8 weeks :)