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philthy - i mentioned in a post a while back about how i arrived at TBH. basically, i'd been looking for a good' framework that covered the bases of well organised n-tier design as well as being object oriented and logially set out. i have only dipped into the book where i've needed to understand something more clearly and tend to use the book more as a reference rather than a tutorial. to this end, the book is a great user guide/manual and i certainly would keep it to hand for the odd issue that i can't quite figure out.

as far as tricks are concerned. once you understand the relationships between the DAL classes and the associated BLL layer, then you actually realise that the 'pattern' in play is actuall quite elegant and simple (in concept). to this end, you should be able to break at any part of the code and have a 'mind-map' of the generic route that took you that part of code, as well as knowing where the code will go from there. a great way to understand this is to just look at the posts related code and follow the logic from the BLL (\Forums\Post.cs)->DAL (ForumsProvider.cs)->\SQLClient\SqlForumsProvider.cs.

this discrete tracking of events allows you to see that basically the whole framework is composed of building blocks that behave in an identical manner. as such, this framework is very easy to template which means that new functionality can be added with the benefit of it fitting exactly like the existing code. i do keep going on and on about it, but if you want to see this 'templating' in action, then download the flixon site generator. this creates the BLL/DAL for any table that you care to point it too, as well as creating basic CRUD forms to test the data (or tweak into working pages if needbe). you can find it here:

actually, using this generator might help you understand what i was saying above as it would allow you to pick just the tbh_posts table and create all the required classes for that. then you could look at what was there without all the 'fizz' of everything else.

hope this helps.