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Jimi... You are unstoppable !! :)

I use I think there are some incompatibility functions about "predicate" .

I will try translate your script to Vb on next week and then i tell here something!

By the way, I saw your "getForums" sql procedure and I think that you have much auxiliary tables...
But please don't waist any time thinking about that until I put here my version... for you see.

I need to end my dal and bll, for debug, in order to test my SQL script.

We only need to get (* of forums table), lastpostdate and lastpostby for each forum right?

If my script's okay i'll put here for you see, for compare with yours!

But I have another challenge for us about a process to show NewPosts and OldPosts
This compromise all the rest. I will open another topic just for that!
"Forums Extensions - New/Old Posts"