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jimi, i written a response for your last post in "new/old Posts". I think it's better having some organization. Here, we'll discuss categories, sub-forums, and some future issues will be open in dedicate posts!
Forums Extensions - PrivateMessages
Forums Extensions - Polls
Forums Extensions - ...

of course VB supports generics. Jimibit was forgotten that i have(thanks to you) TBH working under VB.NET 2005.
BLL and DAL need the "Imports system.colletions.generic" to work with the lists! So... VB have to support generics!

The only thing VB doesn't support (as far as I know) is "anonymous delegates"

When i'll have some time, i'll try to transcode jimi Script in order to test it!
(i'm close... I just need to finish my insert/update categories/forums/subforums admin pages.)

BTW, jminatel, give us your opinion about "new/old Posts" that me and jimi are discussing!
What do you prefer?
Make all this under SQL, or work with session Variables ?